Coverage Cup round up

In honour of International Beer Day, Spark served up barrels of coverage.

IOActive guzzled up the coverage, with company’s Segway hack gaining coverage on WIRED. Giddy with success, IOActive contributed to a BBC Online article on a new GCHQ report on industrial hacking. Joining the round of national coverage was the RSA team, who spotted news of a phishing website targeting Newcastle University students.  This resulted in coverage on BBC News, The Times and The Register amongst others.

Next to order up coverage was GMC Software, whose comments on the latest PPI news was featured in the International Business Times. Not one for pint-size coverage, Elsevier went big with a thought leadership piece on the needs of 21st Century researchers with Research Information.

As the coverage poured in, a Pistoia Alliance opinion piece on the need for collaboration in the life science industry hopped onto Drug Discovery and Development. Brewed to perfection, Huntsman released the results of an FOI request into the misuse of data by police forces, leading to great pieces on Government Technology and The Register.

The final serving of coverage came courtesy of the Servion team, who spotted an ICO ruling against MoneySupermarket and took the opportunity to comment on the news in The Drum.

A full list of this week’s coverage can be found below:

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