Our International Partners

We have a global network of partner agencies whom we work with on a regular basis. We have chosen them because they share Spark’s approach to delivering results that meet our clients’ business objectives. It is more cost-effective for clients to work with the independent agencies that Spark has selected as part of its network. More importantly though, results are significantly better as we know how important it is to take the time to collaborate on what will and won’t work in each market and to develop one campaign that will work everywhere, resulting in increased ROI and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our approach is instant-on and our clients will vouch for how easy we make it look to roll out an International programme.

  • There are massive differences in terms of what resonates with US journalists and what will grab the attention of the journalists in our market. Spark does a great job of localising corporate announcements so that they will appeal to the influencers here. They take on board the sensitivities of our media, who need to feel that the company understands the differences between their audience and a US audience rather than just churning out US releases that they can’t relate to.

    Audrey Boutron
    Director, Lindecker, France

    It can be frustrating working with a lead agency as often the content is not right for our market, or the differences in journalist requirements are not taken account of, and with little direct access to the global marketing team we are not able resolve this issue. Spark is different. They take the time to understand what we need and deliver content that reflects that. As a result we are able to exceed the client’s expectations.

    Tony Tan
    Director, Siren-Communication, Singapore

    Many companies choose a global agency in the belief that it will save them both time and money. Having worked for a global agency, before working as part of an independent network, I could not disagree more. The focus becomes very reporting heavy as co-ordination is often entrusted to junior members who don’t understand market differences. With an independent network like Spark’s you get senior counsel and better ROI with lower rates that allow agencies to achieve better results.

    Italo Vignoli
    President, Quorum PR, Italy