Spark Guarantee

ROI guaranteed

All of our contracts include activity deliverables and coverage deliverables. By coverage, we don’t mean clip counts. We communicate your message right to your target audience to raise your profile and change opinion.

Bright ideas, brilliantly executed

Not just big campaigns, although we have some great examples of these. Our teams come up with bright ideas every day, that deliver results. Whether it is issues response on BBC news, or a different perspective on an old topic to secure an opinion piece, or an idea for a blog post that gets people talking.

Credible content tied to business strategy

Despite the changing influencer landscape, Spark ensures you gain the attention and respect of journalists, analysts and social media. We do this by developing relevant, insightful and provocative content that truly supports your business strategy.

Trustworthy, experienced and energetic team

The right mix of senior counsel and a team with the time and energy needed to deliver creativity. Our account resourcing is tightly managed to eliminate the risk of ‘burnout’.

Strategic campaigns that deliver ROI

Investing in integrated marketing campaigns or multimarket initiatives can improve ROI but only if they deliver the required results. Spark ensures that when we create a campaign it can be adapted across any marketing medium or in any worldwide market. Cost savings are impressive and so are the results.

Performance linked service level agreements

Ultimately, your choice of PR agency is based on the results that it delivers. This is how we win the trust of our clients and retain contracts year after year.

A great long-term choice

Our client retention rate speaks for itself. Almost 50% of our clients have worked with us from our first year of operating. 80% of our clients have selected us as a result of referral from an existing or ex-client.

  • Spark is able to translate our technology initiatives into business messages that resonate with prospects…ideas that fuel our marketing campaigns without sacrificing PR results… ROI has improved across all areas of marketing and the coverage we are getting constantly surprises us.

    Spark was committed to ensuring global objectives could be implemented locally… They talked to each market about best to package the global message and adapted content accordingly, as well as ensuring that each market bought into our vision.

    I have brought Spark into every business I have run for the past ten years… get the advice on strategy and position that we need …evolve the campaign content as our business strategy changes… I know that the programme is contributing to the growth of my company.