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Coverage Cup round up

June is International Mud Month, so Spark has been getting stuck in to sow the seeds for coverage to blossom.

Bromium fought through the mire of competitors to comment in The Independent on rumours that the UK government intends to regulate the internet. Meanwhile, the UK&I SAP User Group brought things down to earth with results from a survey showing SAP users haven’t fully understood the implications of GDPR yet, receiving coverage in Computer Business Review and diginomica amongst others. Elsewhere, Turbonomic dished the dirt on its autonomic cloud management platform to diginomica and Data Center Dynamics.

3CX was on solid ground with a byline on the relevance of unified communications in a digital world featuring on Computer Weekly.  Finally, the Elsevier team got their hands dirty spreading news of the release of the Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry platform, successfully resulting in coverage on Technology Networks.

As usual, a full list of this week’s coverage can be found below.

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Coverage Cup round up – post election edition

As campaigning ended and Britain went to the polls, Spark was working as hard as ever to achieve the best coverage for our clients.

The first cross in the coverage box this week went to ViaSat, who announced the launch of the world’s highest capacity communications satellite, ViaSat-2. The news featured in the BBC, International Business Times and The Register. Not ones to be outdone, both Couchbase and Acqueon had comment feature in The Times’ ‘The Future CMO 2017’ supplement.

Also in the running for coverage cup, RSA discussed what the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means for businesses, with its comments quoted in City A.M. Huntsman had a successful week, commenting in CloudPro on the news of a US intelligence leak at the hands of a defence contractor. 3CX also found success as it looked to the future with a byline article on the need for CIO’s to be software agnostic, which appeared on Information Age.

Finally, Fruition joined the roll-call of coverage with news on the company’s partnership with Crossrail featuring on ComputerWorld, while Venafi’s survey on lax cybersecurity practices in the financial industry appeared on FX-MM.

A full list of the week’s coverage nominations can be found below:

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As if! – The dream of the 90s is alive

If you were a 90s child, you will likely remember Cher Horowitz from Clueless and her incredible quote, “AS IF!”. One thing she gave us to look forward to, was that one day, we too would have a computer that helps us choose the outfit we wear. Now, 17 years later, this dream is becoming a reality with the new Amazon Echo Look – it’s like Snow White’s magic mirror but with 21st century functionality.

This got me thinking, did films like Clueless and Back to the Future give us unrealistic expectations of technology, or are advancements bringing this tech to life? Maybe one day I will have Cher’s wardrobe and Marty’s hover-board. It’s also interesting to consider, how will companies rise to the challenge of 90s techs becoming the real deal?

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT), and how self-driving cars and the ‘automated home’ (Amazon Echo and Google Home) are becoming a reality. This will result in smarter homes and cities, virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR) becoming mainstream and a truly inter-connected world. It is even said that the IoT will be as transformative as the Industrial Revolution and change the world around it – with more information being gathered, analysed and fed back to make the user experience better.

Consumer wants and needs are becoming more linked to technology, but it must be personalised, at one end it should be efficient, relevant and cost efficient, the Amazon Dash button is the perfect example of playing to all those needs. At the other end, it must provide new and different experiences, the world of virtual reality and augmented reality is beginning to bring this to life. Over time, these will transform many existing ways of enjoying content.  With companies accelerating their tech innovation to meet customer demands, for those that fail to keep up, the impact could be substantial.

With these transformative technologies maturing, the digital revolution is in full swing and consumer desires are changing. There is no doubt that with these latest technologies, companies are adapting to make our 90s dreams a reality. As biggest global organisations – including Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Apple – throw their weight behind this tech, we should expect to see some major advancements in the near future. Perhaps Cher’s wardrobe is still in sight for many of us 90s dreamers, but will it be everything that we hoped for?

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Coverage Cup round up

The sun is shining and yet another bank holiday has flown by. Along with dusting off the flip flops, the office took great pleasure in Bromium appearing on Sky News to discuss the WannaCry cyber-attack. Also basking in media coverage was Verizon, for whom WannaCry provided an opportunity for the BBC to cite its malware stats from its most recent DBIR report.

As the UK lit barbecues, MuleSoft had coverage figures to rival the temperature after the successful launch of its Connected Consumer Report, which featured on Business Insider, Insurance Post, Internet Retailing and FSTech amongst others. But that wasn’t the end of the glorious coverage (or weather) for MuleSoft, which also saw coverage on diginomica, CBR and Computer Weekly following its most recent customer event.

To round up a week of blistering coverage, Compuware warned the majority of businesses are still at risk of being non-compliant when GDPR is implemented next year, with FX-MM and IT PRO picking up the news. And last but not least, JDA and Centiro released their regular Customer Pulse Report which garnered press coverage in the likes of e-Delivery, The Grocer, and Drapers to name but a few.

A selection of the week’s highlights is below:

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Coverage Cup round up – National Sandwich Week edition

It was National Sandwich Week a couple of weeks ago – and to celebrate Spark filled the news with layer upon layer of mouth-watering client coverage.

Elsevier was the first to take a bite of coverage cherry, commenting on the need for drug development to combat rare diseases in The Times. But Elsevier wasn’t dining alone, with The Pistoia Alliance also featuring in The Times, discussing the need for industry collaboration to improve drug pricing. Heaping on the coverage, The Pistoia Alliance’s call for wearable device standards in clinical trials was also the subject of a piece on Clinical Informatics News.

Dynatrace and Verizon both cut through the competition commenting on the breaking news of the day. Dynatrace featured on the BBC explaining the cause of the WhatsApp outage and TEISS made use of Verizon’s recent DBIR statistics for its piece on the ransomware attack on Telefonica.

The Bromium team also helped themselves to a slice of the action by commenting on the Telefonica hack in Computer Business Review. Served on the side was additional coverage in Information Age after Bromium revealed that cybersecurity professionals have been paying ransoms to attackers. It was also a jam-packed week of coverage for Fruition, with news of a partnership with Crossrail featuring on Information Age and Computer Weekly.

To wrap up a plate of succulent coverage, Acqueon commented on news that the ICO handed out a record fine to a nuisance call centre in Contact Centres.

As usual, a full list of coverage can be found below.

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