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Coverage Cup round up – New Year edition

Coverage cupStarting 2017 on the right foot, Spark has continued to drive some great coverage across national and top-tier enterprise technology press.

Kicking things off, the IOActive team secured coverage in The Telegraph, after researchers found a security hole in the Panasonic in-flight system, which could enable hackers to take control of an airplane mid-flight.  Also in The Telegraph, there was success for the Couchbase team who had their technology prediction featured in a round up for SMEs.

There were technology predictions across the board, with ViaSat, 3CX, CCA and Turbonomic appearing on IT Pro with their forecasts for the coming year. Sticking with the enterprise technology press, the Fruition team explored ways to drive the everything-as-a-service revolution in Information Age, while on Real Business, iPass discussed the real cost of connecting mobile workers.

Rounding up an impressive start to the year, the Elsevier team placed an article on the role of 3D printing in manufacturing with Product Design & Development.

A full list of coverage cup nominations can be found below.

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Coverage Cup round up: pre-Xmas edition

Coverage cupThe holidays may just be around the corner, and Christmas songs blasting out on the office radio, but that hasn’t stopped us from counting up all the coverage in this bumper update.

ViaSat was rocking around the Christmas tree with its coverage –  New Statesman Tech quoted the company in an article on the UK’s renewed broadband commitment, while the company’s superfast broadband research appeared on The Register. In addition, like a child at Christmas, the ViaSat team were up before the dawn to respond to the recent Deutsche Telecom’s hack and react to the BT and Openreach split.

As an early stocking filler, Venafi were quoted in not one, but two features in The Times’ cybersecurity supplement, discussing how to limit the damage after a data breach.  Roc also had reason to start its celebrations early, with its comments on consulting collaboration achieving coverage in the Financial Times.

JDA have already had a stocking-full of treats this December with its research on supply chain segmentation making the news in The Manufacturer and Logistics Manager amongst others.

Finally, the Couchbase team were in their own (winter) wonderland with the company’s views on the Internet of Things making it onto the Internet of Business, as well as its comments on Amazon’s new bricks and mortar store featuring in an Internet Retailing article. Couchbase also made it onto Marketing Tech News with an opinion piece on how to use big data effectively as a marketing tool.

The full list of coverage cup nominations can be found below:

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Sex, alcohol and chocolate – the key to PR success?

wifi-1728793_640Working in B2B technology PR it’s fair to say that some of the news we talk about – although important – isn’t necessarily hugely sexy. Thus, sometimes we must be quite creative in how we help our clients get the best exposure possible. We recently had a huge amount of success for our client iPass which wanted to show how important Wi-Fi had become to us all. The results of some research we carried out helped us to craft a report that went on to provide us with the headline that Wi-Fi was more important to people than sex, alcohol or chocolate.

This news hook was too much to resist for many publications and allowed us to get great coverage in a variety of national and trade publications across Europe. It also helped us get across the broader message about how Wi-Fi is something that everyone is beginning to expect as a basic need. This meant that even though most publications used the headline about Wi-Fi being more important than sex, alcohol or chocolate, they also talked about other key issues such as how Wi-Fi was influencing travel decisions.

Once the ball got rolling we even started to see the story go viral with coverage being picked up everywhere from The Daily Mail, International Business Times, NDTV, Times of India to Infosecurity, Travel Daily and Computer Business Review as well as many other global websites.  In addition to this, even now, weeks later, there are many new articles popping up and the social media response has also been strong, with over 1,000 tweets about the report to date.

Sometimes a bit of lateral thinking can go a long way to help come up with an idea that will get the client’s point across, whilst grabbing the attention of journalists who get sent countless stories every day. Being able to come up with the ideas that do stand out from the crowd is key, so it’s great to see situations such as this that pay off so handsomely.

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Coverage Cup round up w/c 21 November 2016

Coverage cupWhile Toblerone and Maltesers are cutting down the size of their offerings, Spark was bucking the trend by continuing to serve up some huge client coverage.

JDA got the first slice of the pie, commenting on the latest supply chain trends in The Times. Elsewhere, iPass got a large helping of coverage with the results of its Mobile Professional Report featuring on the Daily Mail and International Business Times amongst others. Other survey-related coverage saw Changepoint make the news on The C-Suite, while and Venafi’s stats showing a third of websites could stop working in January made the headlines in the New Statesman.

Opinions were the flavour of the week, with 3CX discussing how to grow a business internationally in Fresh Business Thinking. Bromium rounded up the byline coverage this week by discussing ransomware on Information Age.

Filling up the dessert cart, an interview with Compuware’s CEO got a satisfying write up in The Stack. Coverage in The Irish Times put the icing on the cake for ViaSat following its acquisition of Arconics. The final pieces of the pie were for Dynatrace and Verizon, who commented on retail sales figures for Retail Gazette and IMRG’s Black Friday predictions for CBR respectively.

A sweet week for Spark. A full list of coverage cup nominations can be found below:

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Coverage Cup round up w/c 14 November

Coverage cupWinter is coming. But here at Spark, we aren’t letting the short days get in the way of a dazzling amount of client coverage. IOActive illuminated our day with coverage on Reuters about cyber attacks and the Internet of Things, which then got picked up by a number of other publications too. That wasn’t all for IOActive, whose comment on the Tesco Bank hack got a mention in The Economist. Huntsman was also quick to spot a fresh opportunity with the Tesco Bank hack, which resulted in some fantastic coverage on the BBC, as well as IT PRO.

Elsevier also came out beaming, as it featured in a Financial Times article on microbiomes, and they weren’t the only ones as Pistoia also had its say on the need to collaborate to drive innovation.

Dynatrace finished the week on a high, with research on China Singles Day making a splash in the International Business Times as well as Retail Times and Computer Business Review. Last, but by no means least, HCL’s opinion piece about the use of digital technologies found its way onto Digitalisation World. 

A full list of coverage cup nominations can be found below:

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