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Coverage Cup round up w/c 24 November 2014

Coverage cupWelcome to this week’s Coverage Cup round up! We’ve had some great pieces this week, including the JDA team successfully securing an opinion piece on The Guardian’s sustainable business section, looking at how 3D printing is set to shake up manufacturing supply chains. The Guavus team also placed an opinion piece on European Communications on how operators must integrate RAN and business analytics to strategically guide LTE spending. Elsewhere, the Dynatrace team jumped on the back of the Black Friday frenzy, and ran a successful news hijack on the need for better website performance, resulting in coverage on CBR and Retail Times. In addition, Verizon published its’ top enterprise technology trends for 2015, resulting in coverage on Total Telecom and Business Reporter. while the Tier-3 team offered comment around The IET’s ‘Ones to Watch’ report, resulting in coverage on Infosecurity and V3.

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Long live the press release

newspaper-412763_640If you Google ‘death of press release’ you will find a number of articles over the last few years questioning the role that the humble press release plays in PR.  Certainly in the age of Twitter and social media the notion of a 300 – 500 word press release almost seems dated, yet I’d argue they have just as an important role to play in PR today as they did 20+ years ago.  The main difference is that the vast majority are sent via emails as opposed to being posted.

In many respects the email and internet age has encouraged press release quantity rather than quality. Indeed, there certainly does seem to be an increase in the number of badly written and targeted press releases. You only have to look on Twitter on a daily basis to see such releases getting the ire of journalists across all sectors.  Yet, a well written and targeted release (with the appropriate sell-in) can still achieve great results.

When it comes to press releases, the battle we often face with clients is establishing if an announcement justifies a release in the first place and then if it does, the word count.  In the ‘old days’ you probably could get away with just three or four paragraphs as a release was simply there to pique a journalist’s interest with a view to setting up an interview.  However, in the world of online media, where journalists have less time for interviews and are often required to write 4 or 5 stories daily, a longer press release which tells a story and includes well-written quotes can be turned into a good piece of editorial (N.B. I’m not referring to a simple verbatim cut & paste of a release).

One of the main roles of a PR is to help journalists with their stories and certainly an informative editorial style press release remains a good way of doing this – clearly an extended sales pitch masquerading as a press release is more of a hindrance rather than help!  I for one won’t be writing a press release obituary just yet.

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A belated Coverage Cup round up

Coverage cupWelcome to this week’s slightly late coverage-cup round up! Over the last fortnight we’ve helped clients achieve some great pieces of coverage in the industry and national press. There was further coverage of iPass’ Wi-Fi hotspot research in The Economist, the Verizon team achieved inclusion in the Financial Times’ feature on ways to fight cyber-crime, while PQ Solutions were featured twice in the Daily Telegraph following interviews with Brian Snow, who was previously an NSA technical director. Elsewhere, the Dynatrace team’s news hijacking around a Google DoubleClick failure resulted in excellent coverage on Business Reporter. Case studies have also been a great source of coverage, with both Fruition Partners and Egress seeing customer stories being published on Retail Times and Computer Weekly respectively.

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Coverage Cup round up w/c 3 November 2014

Coverage cupWelcome to this week’s Coverage Cup roundup. Last week, iPass released the findings of its global survey of Wi-Fi hotspots which garnered a lot of media interest. Through crafting a media-worthy story, which highlighted a number of key trends, the team was able to get some great media coverage including BBC News Online and The Independent. Elsewhere, the Trustmarque team achieved coverage on ComputerWorld UK around a cloud computing implementation it had done with Rhead Group. Finally, the Egress team secured some great coverage in the channel press following the launch of the company’s new channel programme.

These and some of the other coverage highlights are below:


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Coverage Cup round up from the last fortnight

Coverage cupWelcome to this week’s double, bumper edition Coverage Cup round up! To begin with, Compuware’s (now Dynatrace) acquisition by Thoma Bravo saw a great piece of coverage in Computing. Meanwhile the JDA team achieved x2 pieces of coverage in the FT’s recent supplement on IT and the supply chain, as a result of successfully securing a couple of interviews. The Trace One team have also had a busy fortnight, with the client included in a feature in New Scientist magazine this week, as well as having a letter published in The Grocer. Finally, iPass were featured in a national feature in the Daily Telegraph on ‘Smart travel tech for SMEs’.

These are just a handful of the highlights. Below is a selection of some of the other top pieces of coverage we have helped secure for clients over the last couple of weeks:

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