Client Experience

Spark has experience in every area of IT, telecoms and new media. We have managed thought-leadership and product reviews campaigns for companies of all sizes in both business-to-business and consumer technology. We have many testimonials and case studies available but here are just a few examples that hopefully give you an idea of how we approach working with clients and the results that we can secure.


“Spark is able to translate our technology initiatives into business messages that resonate with prospects. In addition they are consistently able to come up with ideas that fuel our marketing campaigns without sacrificing PR results. If anything, PR results have improved as a result of us getting the team more involved in our business and giving them a better understanding of our objectives. ROI has improved across all areas of marketing and the coverage we are getting constantly surprises us. Despite tough economic conditions during the last few years forcing us to make cuts, we have continued to invest in Spark as we feel the agency delivers more than just PR and provides the most value across the marketing mix.”

Phillip Wicks, marketing manager. Read more…


“We have been really impressed with the time and energy that the Spark team puts into researching topics that convey the importance of the solutions that Stonewood develops. They have come to understand our business really quickly and can translate that understanding into positioning us in the right way. By coupling this with their ability to keep on top of the issues and use them to our advantage, they have secured us some amazing coverage. This coverage and the messaging that they developed for us has helped in raising awareness of Stonewood and was a leading factor in our successful purchase by ViaSat. They have really exceeded all our expectations.”

Chris McIntosh, CEO. Read more…


“We saw a massive difference in the way that Spark approached the development of content and this has resulted in a major shift in both channel and business user perceptions of the company. Our credibility with these audiences has improved dramatically in a very short period of time, which has had a significant impact on sales. The big difference is that Spark not only understands our business strategy but can pull this through into messaging and content. Spark takes a more planned and strategic approach that leads to the kinds of results we are looking for in b2b, channel and consumer titles. In fact I would go as far as to say that the team exceeded our expectations, given the short time frame in which it has started to achieve this shift in perception.”

Andrew Mulholland, marketing manager. Read more…


“The senior counsel from Spark was evident from day one. We wanted to punch above our weight when it came to influencing the market. Spark came up with a really creative campaign that generated significant awareness among influencers in the industry, which in turn opened doors to our sales targets. In addition, by moving our analyst relations programme from a tactical to strategic PR function Spark has really helped increase our sphere of influence.”

Rob Dalgety, marketing director. Read more…


“Getting buy-in from all local markets can be challenging but Spark made it look easy. They drive each market in the same way that they drive us to make things happen. Their creative approach to big campaigns and their ability to develop a message that can be adapted for every country has resulted in ROI on a global basis that significantly exceeded our expectations. The senior staff at Spark have become an integral part of our marcomms team. Thanks to this trust that has developed it has access to C-level decision makers within Compuware, enabling them to develop campaigns that tap into the heart of our business. In addition, I know that they will give good counsel and insight on PR matters.”

Bob O’Brien, director, worldwide field marketing and PR. Read more…


Cognito has successfully been positioned as a mobile systems integrator that can help organisations in providing a mobile workforce with full access to IT. It is now recognised as a leading independent authority on mobile workforce issues and has received direct new business leads on the back of the PR programme. Read more…


“The fact that our latest global PR campaign was developed and led by Spark, our UK agency, is testament to how highly we value their counsel and approach. They have listened to what we want to achieve and delivered a campaign that effectively de-positions the traditional players in our sector in every market that we serve. They help us squeeze every drop of value out of the campaigns they deliver.  For example, in our latest campaign we got double the expected ROI for the same budget, as they managed to deliver two stories off one survey, instead of the initially anticipated one. In addition, we’ve been able to re-use the content for marketing by adapting the PR material into a lead generating piece of content. Spark’s ability to work collaboratively and develop a global program for our use across several regions is a real benefit.”

Carrie Reber, VP of worldwide marketing


“Spark impressed me from the first meeting with their creative, results-driven approach. The team at Spark is bright, energetic and always looking for ways to extend our visibility in the market. The return on investment when compared to other agencies in their sector is incredible.”

Roger Llewellyn, CEO and President


“I often get asked would it be easier or cheaper to use a global agency.  In my experience the answer is no.  Country managers want best of breed agencies that understand their market and are best suited to their local needs.  Too many global agencies are too US centric, and simply farm out corporate releases for translation and distribution.  We needed a lead agency that was committed to ensuring global objectives could be implemented locally and Spark delivered this.  They talked to each market about how best to package the global message to ensure it resonated locally and adapted content accordingly, as well as ensuring that each market bought into our vision.   If the agency fails to do this either the results won’t be secured or the local agency will go ‘dark’ and simply follow the country manager’s direction to get results, which can mean the campaign ends up off message.”

Tony Patrick, who hired Spark to carry out EMEA PR for Motorola’s Enterprise Mobility Business

Belair Networks

“Spark has the desire to become an extension of our marketing team rather than simply a supplier and it shows in their understanding of the challenges our customers face and how we can address them.  Many PR agencies are good at being ‘on message’ but can’t translate this into something that will get through the filters that the influencers we want to reach put in our way.  Spark’s writing is excellent quality and is backed by a guarantee on what they will deliver in terms of coverage.  So we know that not only do we like what they say about us, our target community will too.  We’ve been really impressed with their results.  In three months Spark delivered ten analyst briefings, sixteen press briefings and twenty-five pieces of media coverage including FT, Reuters (syndicated to the New York Times), Total Telecom and Mobile Europe.”

Sheila Burpee Duncan, VP of marketing communications

Wincor Nixdorf UK

“The consultancy Spark gives is invaluable, the main reason I like working with them is the energy and enthusiasm that they have for delivering our messages to our key audiences.  They have successfully put us in front of tier 1 analysts, secured national press coverage and provided really impressive results in the core retail and banking press.  Wincor Nixdorf is extremely proud of the PR programme:  It was a risk to commit to the expense of a monthly retainer as we have always managed our PR activity internally; we wanted to ensure we achieved return on our investment programme. Spark has delivered and we are very pleased that we decided to use an agency as it has made such a difference to our market presence in the UK.  Spark gets to grips with a company and makes it happen.”

Lorraine Bent, marketing and business support manager


“I have brought Spark into every business I have run for the past ten years. The team know technology, which means that we get the exact advice on strategy and positioning that we need. When I started Thinkgrid Spark was able to deliver analyst approval – we were ranked as a cool vendor by Gartner – and a great spread of media coverage across the IT trade, small business and national press. More importantly, they are proactive enough to keep the coverage coming after that first flush and evolve the campaign content as our business strategy changes. They started by focusing on direct sales to SMBs, then looked at establishing our credibility to move us away from the ‘start-up’ tag.  Then, once we had our channel programme up and running, they knew how to deliver the correct content that would educate and support the channel. I am able to let Spark run with PR, I don’t need to make changes to anything they write and I know that the programme is contributing to the growth of my company without having to check up on them.”

Rob Lovell, CEO