Spark Coverage Cup

Media relations is at the heart of a successful campaign and our team take great pride in beating their colleagues to win the weekly Spark Coverage Cup vote.

The winning piece of coverage isn’t just about circulation or credibility. A great business national or broadcast piece doesn’t always beat trade coverage – outcomes are key. How effectively was the client’s message communicated? What was the engagement like? Did it result in leads?

While earned coverage is now only part of what we do, the impact of what we deliver is often why clients choose to work with us in the first place. It’s why 80% of our clients come through referral and why some of our clients have stayed with us for over ten years.

Below are some of our previous highlights:

Coverage Cup – 09/11/2018

We love getting our clients top tier coverage in the most widely read publications, and that’s exactly what we achieved in the last week for Bromium. The team leveraged its close relationship with the BBC’s technology writers to secure a briefing with Bromium’s co-founder, talking about humans being the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. This resulted in an excellent article which even explained how Bromium’s security product works!

Elsewhere, the mid-term elections in the US have now come to a close. However, the build-up to the election presented the Venafi team with an opportunity to highlight some research we conducted that looked at election infrastructure risk. This resulted in a great piece of coverage in Forbes that cited the research to show the lack of confidence in voting infrastructure. The Venafi team also jumped on the resurgence of the Stuxnet malware with some commentary featuring on IT Pro.

Conducting research can be an effective tool to help us drive news and through leadership, and we worked with Dynatrace to develop CIO research that looked at the performance burden of IoT. The story resonated really well with our core tech press, resulting in 15 pieces of coverage including Computer Business Review, Intelligent CIO, Tech HQ, IoT Now, TechRadar Pro and FS Tech.

Elsewhere the Viasat team did a good job publicising the launch of the world’s first super-fast in-car Wi-Fi system that will be offered by Bentley next year. This saw articles in Verdict and Computer Business Review. The JDA team also did a sterling job securing coverage about how the company is working with the Co-op to improve the grocery retailers’ category management capabilities. This resulted in 10 pieces of coverage including Essential Retail, Retail Technology, Retail Times and Supply Chain Times.

Lastly, there was some brilliant article placements. The Comparex team secured coverage on Computer Business Review following its recent FOI request looking at public cloud adoption by English Councils. Similarly, the Dynatrace team wrote and placed an insightful article about the anatomy of an outage in Information Age, which hit on all of the company’s key messages.

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