Spark Communications wins six figure UK PR brief with fraud experts Outseer

Ana By Ana

We’re excited to announce that after an initial 6 months project, we’ve been appointed by Outseer, to manage its UK programme. Outseer, an RSA company, is the leader in payment authentication and monitoring solutions, and the brief will see Spark develop creative campaigns and written content, help the company define its PR and content strategy and execute UK media relations.

Outseer empowers the digital economy to grow by authenticating billions of transactions annually. Its payment and account monitoring solutions increase revenue and reduce customer friction for card issuing banks, payment processors, and merchants worldwide. Leveraging 20 billion annual transactions from 6,000 global institutions contributing to the Outseer Data Network, its identity-based science delivers the highest fraud detection rates and lowest customer intervention in the industry.

Core objectives of the PR programme will include building Outseer’s brand awareness; positioning the company as a thought leader in its own right and separate from the RSA brand; developing stories for fintech, retail and technology audiences; and developing creative content that can be used to further build brand awareness and also be used beyond PR.

David Pedersen, Senior Director of Worldwide Communications at Outseer, commented: “It’s an exciting time to be at Outseer – we’re growing in numbers, have a strong pipeline of products and improvements, and have just appointed a new CEO. Spark has implemented dynamic and ultimately successful PR programmes that have truly helped us move the needle in significant ways in the UK. We are in great hands with Spark and look forward to our continued partnership.”

Fraud and cyber security are some of the most covered topics by the tech media, and areas we have very strong experience in – something we’re keen to continue building on with Outseer. It has great clients and products, but it doesn’t have the brand awareness that it should. So we are excited to deliver a fully-fledged programme for Outseer that truly helps it to build its brand.