Spark Coverage Cup

Media relations is at the heart of a successful campaign and our team take great pride in beating their colleagues to win the weekly Spark Coverage Cup vote.

The winning piece of coverage isn’t just about circulation or credibility. A great business national or broadcast piece doesn’t always beat trade coverage – outcomes are key. How effectively was the client’s message communicated? What was the engagement like? Did it result in leads?

While earned coverage is now only part of what we do, the impact of what we deliver is often why clients choose to work with us in the first place. It’s why 80% of our clients come through referral and why some of our clients have stayed with us for over ten years.

Below are the recent highlights:

Coverage Cup 20/12/19

'Twas the week before Christmas, and all throughout Spark. Each account team was working, right through until dark. With the year near its end and all to play for, the whole team was praising all the coverage they scored.

With the teams going all out and working closely, we managed to secure a piece in the FT. RSA, Verizon and CIISEC appear with quotes about cyber to inform their peers.

For working remotely can pose huge cyber risk, to systems and data unless response is brisk. Next onto fintech with our client HCL, whose comments in The Times upon which we’ll dwell.

With the industry peaking and data all round, will big tech take over? 'Not quite' HCL found. And joining the team in their Times victory, along did come MuleSoft to share the story.

Also about fintech but this time you’ll see MuleSoft talked collaboration and thus did decree - a bank and a fintech together should act, for true innovation to be properly backed.

And now onto Forbes and for team Dynatrace, some autonomous cloud news that’s really ace, for the launch of a product which will allow, businesses to simplify cloud and scale IT now.

So we hop back to The Times for our JDA team, to innovate the supply chain and keep with our theme, of national coverage, with comments abound, on autonomous supply chains and the data to be found.

An opp we uncovered and pitched JDA for, with our skills in PR bringing coverage to the door. And on to life science our much-adored friend, as our blog and this poem comes to its end.

Identifying writers took a lot of research, but with coverage secured, we weren’t left in the lurch. For the Pistoia Alliance, and Elsevier, The Future of Pharma report made their thoughts clear.

Collaboration was the message for the Alliance, in a piece discussing the future of science. For the Elsevier team, India was the focus, a powerhouse for pharma with the comments a plus.

From bylines, and blog posts; press releases and IRs, for placement and pitching we raise up our own bar, from the FT and Forbes to The Times Raconteur, with so many nationals, it’s becoming a blur!

So we lift up the trophy and drink something fizzy, with the roads in a gridlock and trains in a tizzy, as we head out the office, into the twilight, Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!