Spark Coverage Cup

Media relations is at the heart of a successful campaign and our team take great pride in beating their colleagues to win the weekly Spark Coverage Cup vote.

The winning piece of coverage isn’t just about circulation or credibility. A great business national or broadcast piece doesn’t always beat trade coverage – outcomes are key. How effectively was the client’s message communicated? What was the engagement like? Did it result in leads?

While earned coverage is now only part of what we do, the impact of what we deliver is often why clients choose to work with us in the first place. It’s why 80% of our clients come through referral and why some of our clients have stayed with us for over ten years.

Below are this fortnight’s highlights:

Coverage Cup 1/2/2019

We’re officially one month into 2019 and it’s safe to say that the Spark team have set the pace for the coming year. It’s been an impressive couple of weeks and competition for the Coverage Cup has been fierce.

Spark never shies away from the nationals and these last two weeks have been no different. The Pistoia Alliance team spent the lead up to Christmas laying the groundwork for an FT interview and have seen the work pay off – with Steve Arlington, the organisation’s president, giving his thoughts on ethnic diversity in clinical trials. The Venafi team’s hawk-eye for news stories also saw Martin Thorpe, enterprise architect at the company, nab a spot in a Forbes piece discussing the lockdown of US government websites.

It’s also been a strong couple of weeks for news stories across Spark. Notably, the Bromium team secured a piece in Computer Weekly for Fraser Kyne, the company’s CTO of Europe, to give his thoughts on the resourcefulness of hackers – after a speedy response to a newly published crime survey. The Ivalua team also spotted the perfect news opportunity for a client and didn’t hesitate to hop on the phones, resulting in spokesperson Alex Saric closing an article in Verdict with his comments on the importance of companies planning for Brexit.

The value of developing good relationships with freelance writers came to the fore last week after we were contacted directly for client comment for a multi-cloud feature in Computer Weekly. Michael Allen from Dynatrace and Alex Dalglish from COMPAREX UK were both quoted extensively in the feature, so high fives all round! Rounding off what was a strong couple of weeks for interviews at Spark, the Viasat team also saw a briefing with Mark Dankberg, Viasat’s CEO, feature in Techradar Pro; in which he discusses the reach of satellite connection and its ability to connect those in remote areas – a great result for the team.

Finally, it's also been a busy fortnight for Spark on the opinion pieces front. The HCL team secured an impressive placement of a blog piece on the need for a human-centred approach to digital transformation on Information Age. The Dynatrace team also hit the phones and found a great spot for an opinion piece in CBR in which Michael Allen discusses the need for IT operations to be innovative to keep up with the demands of digital transformation.

Overall, it’s been a great end to January, and we’re excited to keep the pace up throughout 2019!