Spark Coverage Cup

Media relations is at the heart of a successful campaign and our team take great pride in beating their colleagues to win the weekly Spark Coverage Cup vote.

The winning piece of coverage isn’t just about circulation or credibility. A great business national or broadcast piece doesn’t always beat trade coverage – outcomes are key. How effectively was the client’s message communicated? What was the engagement like? Did it result in leads?

While earned coverage is now only part of what we do, the impact of what we deliver is often why clients choose to work with us in the first place. It’s why 80% of our clients come through referral and why some of our clients have stayed with us for over ten years.

Below are some of our previous highlights:

Coverage Cup 06/08/2021

It’s been a successful Olympic summer for Team GB with an impressive medal haul. Alongside the victories for Team GB in Tokyo, we’ve seen some extremely strong contenders for the Coverage Cup here at Spark. With our annual Summer Day Out just around the corner and a spot of fencing looming for us Sparkies, let’s look at just some of the medal-worthy coverage from the past few weeks.

High in the rankings is the Ivalua team, who managed to secure some excellent feature coverage in Forbes. The piece covered the continuing chip shortage and how it’s inspiring the search for alternative sources. The Ably team most certainly deserve a place on the podium after a recent funding announcement was featured in TechCrunch. The team also managed to secure coverage in Business Insider and VentureBeat amongst others. As a result, the Ably team – much like Charlotte Dujardin – is very much in contention for becoming the most decorated in terms of coverage over recent weeks.

Vectra, one of our cybersecurity clients, was featured in Fortune for a report on AI and security after some great media pitching. Elsewhere, Venafi saw feature coverage in IT Pro, commenting on whether cybersecurity’s public image needs a makeover. Keeping with the security theme, coverage of data from Imperva on the increase in bot attacks made on gambling sites during Euro 2020 appeared in TechRadar Pro.

Both Insight and Quadient adopted a futuristic focus in their recent media outreach. The Insight team picked up a byline placement in Business Reporter, for a piece on the future of hybrid working. Meanwhile, the Quadient team scored coverage in Business Money from a media alert predicting that traditional banks will be reduced to storage vaults by 2030, if they don’t improve the customer experience on offer.

Finally in life sciences, To top it off, the Pistoia Alliance, team secured coverage in Bio-IT World on the Alliance’s DataFAIRy: Bioassay project, which is set to help advance vital biopharma R&D.

There will be another Coverage Cup soon, but for now you can see our highlights on the list opposite. Us Sparkies are off to enjoy our summer day out…fencing like Olympians!